Iron Swim Budapest Summer Camp 2022

Iron Swim Summer Camp 2022

Join Iron’s daytime swimming camp and master your swimming while youre having fun all day.

When? From June 22nd to August 31st in weekly turns

Where? In the Duna Arena and Dagaly Baths

Who? All children between the ages of 6-16 at any level

Swimming lessons and fun activities all day in an international environment

The main objective of this camp, besides having fun all day is entirely built to the needs of your child. Whether it is to establish water safety or to polish already learned swimming skills, we cover it all. Children will be selected to different groups (beginners, intermediate and advanced) based on their current level of swimming knowledge and coached by our instructors in 2x 1 hour increments each day. During our practices we make sure that all children learn by playing so the child enjoys swimming and can easily remember what they have learned. The advanced children we show them the fundamentals of proper swimming techniques as well as have them try competitive swimming and water polo, so their days are anything but boring at the pool.

Environment that encourages and teaches how to be physically and socially active

In today’s world we are surrounded by technology where we tend to get stuck to our screens and ignore physical and social activities without even noticing it.  By providing children with a cellphone and tablet free environment, we promote physical, social interaction which stimulates the child and helps rewire their mind to find sports enjoyable. In our camp we teach children how to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, board, and card games as well as other fun games they can benefit on both physical and social levels


  • Morning snack- variety of sandwiches and wraps. (Children that have food allergies or different needs, the parents must supply the snack)
  • Warm lunch – soup and main dish (nutritious international meals, two dishes to choose from)
  • Afternoon snack- variety of fruits

*Parents are responsible for covering breakfast before the children are dropped off in the morning

Sports and activities:                                                          

  • Smaller children:  2x swimming practices per day with certified instructors (learning water safety and bases of strokes)
  • Older children: 2x swimming practices per day with certified instructors and coaches (correcting technique and practicing all strokes, acquire bases of competitive swimming and water polo)
  • gymnastics
  • water games
  • board games
  • arts and crafts
  • Friday “Funday”


Dates of the camp

  • 2nd week 27 June – 1 July          deep water only
  • 3rdweek                              4 – 8 July                      deep water only
  • 4thweek                             11 – 15 July
  • 5thweek                             July 18 – 22
  • 6thweek                              25 – 29 July
  • 7thweek                             1 – 5 August
  • 8thweek                             8 – 12 August


  • Duna Aréna: Budapest, Népfürdő u. 36, 1138
  • Dagály Fürdő: Budapest 1135, Népfürdő u. 36, 1138



49.900, -HUF/week


Siblings discount: with children 2 or more -10% off the original price (44 900,-HUF)

Multiple weeks in a row: – 10% off the original price ( 44 900,-HUF)


Payment must be paid on the week before the first day of camp.

Throughout the camp we make pictures for our documentation and for the use on Iron Swim’s social media platforms. If you do not want to have your children’s photos to be published, please fill out and sign the document regarding this upon request. This and all other documents regarding personal data papers, must be given to our staff on the first day of camp upon arrival.

How to apply – Other developments under way

Iron Swim Summer Day Camp 2022

Our intensive course will start again this year, as many people are interested in swimming lessons outside the summer camp.


Applicants will be able to attend sessions in the afternoons, each afternoon

16.00-17.00, 17.00-18.00 and 18.00-19.00, as they are used to during the year.

Except: Iron0 – 16.00-16.45, 17.00-17.45 – 2300Ft/alk

There will be three options to choose from:


You will be able to buy five, three or two season tickets:

  • 5 times a week: every afternoon;
  • 3 suitable days per week: Monday-Wednesday-Friday;
  • 2 suitable days per week: Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday;


  • 5 times per week: every afternoon 2500/day – 13.750Ft per week
  • 3 times a week: Monday-Wednesday-Friday 2750/alk – 8.250Ft/week
  • 2 times a week: Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday 2750/alk – 5.500Ft per week

Unfortunately, due to the World Championships in Budapest, we will not be able to accommodate children with a fully beginner pool for the first 3 weeks, as there is no official pool at Dagály, which will be the home of our camp from 20 June to 8 July.


Registration: under development!



  • 1nd week 27 June – 1 July         Aquincum hotel
  • 2rdweek                              4 – 8 July                     Aquincum hotel
  • 3thweek                             11 – 15 July
  • 4thweek                             July 18 – 22
  • 5thweek                              25 – 29 July
  • 6thweek                             1 – 5 August
  • 7thweek                             8 – 12 August

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Mónika Takács – 00 36 70 209 4795

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