Katinka: ‘This is the best period of the year!” – After Kazan and before Doha by the coach’s eyes

Iron Swim team has arrived in Doha. Night flight was long, but not everybody suffered from it.  ‘My two swimmers were sleeping well, while I only could sleep probably half an hour’ said Árpád Petrov, the head coach of Iron Swim. ‘Though I was on my feet all day, and I went to run even to make myself tired. I am not good at sleeping on the plane.’

Iron Swim team could carry 5 gold, 3 silver and 7 bronze medals in the suitcase from Kazan to Doha where the next stop of World Cup starts on Thursday. But not to go ahead, since Katinka, and the team closed a busy, but successful weekend which is worth saying some more words.

‘The three days were very intensive’ continued Árpád. ‘I am happy that Katinka could produce the level she used to do, and she had a good series load. Overall, I can say that she competed gleefully, and her regeneration was far better than in Glasgow. Kazan was also useful to see where we are after 4-weeks of training. If Glasgow was the starting point, then we can announce that we have done one step forward.’

Petrov is happy that the first two stops of the World Cup held in the long course pool. Although it is harder, but in his opinion short course could be illusive, because it is easier to complete the series load, and the results would not show the real picture either.

‘Katinka is exactly where she should be, even a bit more ahead’ said the coach. ‘But it is obvious that for great performance, rivals are needed, a challenge that could motivate her to be even better. However, the time of 32.3 in the last 50 meters of 200 fly surprised us, none of us expected such a great time.’

Other swimmer of Iron Swim, Dániel Dudás also left Kazan satisfied, although his program was not so cruel, he claimed his first ever World Cup medal. Altogether 4 bronze medals – two individual and two relay medals.

‘I expected the times he swam, and I think the medals could give him a push’ said Petrov. ‘It can be a positive feedback that it was worth to train all summer. He did not stop at all to achieve the best possible results in World Cup. In 400 free he swam around his personal best and that could be a good base to build on.’

The World Cup atmosphere is much more of a family than in the major competitions. Therefore, the four Hungarian swimmers, who competed in Kazan, decided to enter in relays as well. ‘Everybody enjoyed relays’ said the head coach of Iron Swim. ‘Although Katinka and Zsu jumped into the water after the final of 200 medley and the boys also completed 400 medley last day, but they still went well in relay.’

‘I loved doing what I do‘ Katinka said. ‘It happens that I am weary when I jump into the water for warm-up to the race, but I think of that I am so lucky to do what I chose as a kid and that my work is my hobby. It has not changed at all, although this is my seventh year in World Cup, I have swum many kilometers in competitions. This is the best period of the year, as Árpi said, everybody is relaxed and they are here because they love racing.’

And what else could Iron Swim team experience in Kazan?

Volunteers were great part of the event’ said the coach. ‘Farida, our volunteer has been undertaking such things for four years. There are lots of sporting events in Kazan, football match was held here during FIFA WC and certainly Swimming World Championships, so volunteering has its own culture. They were very professional, felt what the swimmers needed not to disturb them, but to solve everything. If we wanted to go for sightseeing, they took us, otherwise they were waiting for us all day in the lobby of the hotel and they were at our disposal all time. As of the city, last year I visited St. Petersburgh and now Kazan, I was amazed by both. If all Russian cities are at the same level, I would lovely move here. The parks, the rivers, everything was so tidied, and let’s add the late summer, early autumn weather… And now in Doha there are 39 degrees. I would not leave my hotel room at all.’

However, he must go to the swimming pool, at least not to leave his swimmers alone, because busy days wait for them again from Thursday. ‘They will complete roughly the same program than in Kazan. I am looking forward to see how much of those three intensive days and the flight have taken out of them’ concluded the coach.

Considering that they slept well on the plane, the flight was probably not exhausting… However, from Thursday we can support Katinka and the team. Go Iron Swim!

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