New competitive swimmer prep group in Iron Swim Budapest for 5-7-year old kids

A new group called Mini will be launched in our club, because it is never too early to start. ‘I want to be an Olympic champion’ or ‘I want to be like Katinka Hosszú’, these sentences were said by many 5-6-year old kids day by day in Iron Swim Budapest School, meanwhile they were trying to learn the basics of swimming. Now it’s their time to take the first steps towards a swimming career.  

‘This group is a great choice for those, who have already decided to become competitive swimmers, and who can swim three strokes, even if not perfectly’ said Xénia Fülöp, coach of the new group. ‘We are speaking of a competitive swimmer prep group, so these kids will learn with a different system than in the swim school. The sessions will last for 60 minutes including dryland preparation. In the water we will not only focus on the technique but prepare for the mini races based on a normal training plan. Certainly, we will be very careful, because they are still developing, and the measure of loading is a key factor at this age group. I will try to develop them technically, so when they get into the kids’ group of the club, the normal session will not be strange for them.’

  • What kind of kids would you recommend this new group for?

‘It is important for the kids to want it, it shouldn’t be the parents’ dream. According to my experience five-year-old kids are ready to declare what they want, most of them are very determined. Among my present students there are some, who come regularly and do the lessons, who are very committed and motivated even at this young age.

  • How will the weekly routine of the group look like and how one can enter the group?

‘We will have three sessions per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Since it is a competitive swimmer prep group, we will belong to the club, so instead of the lesson fee there is a monthly membership fee and because of the races we will sign the kids to the club. The group will be launched at the end of September, but I will hold level test during the whole month before. Booking will not be made via the online system of the swim school, but directly at me via email address.”

So, new opportunity awaits for the 5-7-year old talented kids, who – surely with long years of hard work – might become the future Katinka Hosszú!

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