New form, intensive program – 3-month courses in Iron Swim Budapest School

While some trusts in flexibility, others are driven by goals and to achieve these goals they are ready to do more. Therefore, besides the traditional lessons, that can be booked and changed due to the swimmers’ need, this season we will launch a new course-system in our swim school: the 3-month courses.

‘In the previous season we realized that many kids came more times per week, either to learn more quickly or just because they loved swimming and our lessons served as recreational sport for them’ explained Mónika Takács, manager of Iron Swim Budapest School. ‘So, we thought to launch an intensive course besides the freely variable system loved by many. This new type of course will last for three months and including 2 (Iron 1-2) or 3 (Iron 3-4-5) lessons per week. Since these are fix groups with fix teacher, we think that the swimmers, who are more committed and ready to come regularly, will be able to develop faster.’

‘We recommend this type of course for those, who prefer an intensive learning system, come frequently and for kids who do not fear the water, swim happily and can learn easily. According to our plans the lessons will be held by classes on Tuesday-Thursday (Iron 1-2) and Monday-Wednesday-Friday (Iron3-4-5) afternoon. The first course will start in October and end on 20th December. The course fee must be paid in one amount that is discounted compared to the single lesson fee, so we tried to develop a more appropriate learning form for the swimmers who can come regularly.’

‘Our old students can join the new course according to their own class level, while the newcomers must register first, then create a swimmer profile and book the level test, because it is a must for joining our courses or lessons. We will publish the application process and the course fees soon. Until then if you have any questions, certainly you can contact us via the details published in Contact menu.’

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