New season, new opportunities in Iron Swim Budapest!

We are providing you with many new opportunities in the upcoming season starting in September. As we emphasize in Iron, there are always lessons to learn. We also learnt from the past experiences, checked on your feedback, and we developed the old and well-tried system with some new options. So, we hope that we can provide you with an even wider variety of services in the future.

What we kept, because you liked, and they worked:

  • kids and adult swimming lessons
  • group and individual lessons
  • flexible lesson numbers
  • small groups
  • classes and criteria
  • online booking and monitoring system
  • lessons on six days per week

And the new opportunities:

  • Mini group for 5-7-year old kids, who are planning to be competitive swimmers
  • 3-month courses – 3 practices per week for the kids, who take swimming seriously (by classes)
  • length of Iron 2 sessions changes to 45 minutes
  • we introduce 30-min private lessons

The abovementioned courses and groups will begin on Monday, 30th September, but we do not leave you without swimming until then, because the traditional swimming lessons of the new season will start on 9th September. If you have already attended our school, have swimming profile and know your class level, you can start booking your lessons at the beginning of September, when we publish the timetable (we will inform you about it). For the newcomers and those, who like to change level or even enter a new type of course, we will secure free swimming test from 2nd September through the whole month. You can book it via our online system (if you are new in our school, do not forget to register and create a swimming profile first). For the first week of level tests we have already opened booking, but we will provide further dates during the whole month.

We will have three starts in the new season, save the dates:

  • 2nd September: swimming and level tests
  • 9th September: traditional swimming lessons
  • 30th September: new Mini group and 3-month courses

Certainly, we will inform you about the timetable of September and the dates of swimming test on our website, social media pages and our newsfeed, while the registered swimmers will also get it via email. It is worth registering right now, not to miss any important information.

We will publish detailed information about the Mini group and the 3-month course on our website in the upcoming week, but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email, phone or Facebook, you can find our contact details in Contact page.

Until then enjoy the rest of the summer and see you in September!

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