Iron Swim School – where everybody gets exactly what they need!

Three-time Olympic champion Katinka Hosszú launched her new club Iron Swim in August 2018 that focuses on youth education as well. Iron Swim School unifies Katinka’s philosophy and 25-year experience with her professional team’s knowledge and commitment. 

‘Our program is out to provide everybody with option from getting water safety through acquiring excellent technique even to reaching competition level’ said Bernadett Henk, head of Iron Swim School program. ‘It is important for us to grant high quality environment because we would like everybody to achieve their goals and gain success and experience. We emphasize that we do not think in ‘mass education’, but thanks our small group system we try to give the necessary attention to all participants.’ 

We have a unique program that approaches different age groups in different ways. Our swim school organizes 3-month courses built upon each other for children of 3-18 years, while adults may learn or develop their skills in groups or individual lessons. Certainly, kids can also take individual lessons, or they can combine them with group lessons. Furthermore, Iron Swim School is open to institutions as well, it undertakes organized swim lessons for nursery school and primary school groups.

‘Program of Iron Swim School has been developed for kids and adults, too. As of kids courses we launch 5 different classes from beginners to advanced level. Classifying the participants takes place at a swim level test. We have compiled the criteria system of the respective classes based on a previously developed syllabus. Criteria include movements and motions that in the future help to implement the different strokes. Classes represent a recommended learning process. Instructors go on with the lessons according to the criteria system, but surely calculated with the rhythm of the group and the kids, so within one season (from September to June) all kids can be prepared for stepping a class ahead. In case of individual lessons there is no level test, since the preferred instructors may test the future swimmers in the first lesson and then compile the learning program’ explained Bernadett Henk. ‘For adult swimmers we have also created two types of learning methods, group or individual lessons, so that everybody could choose the best for their needs.’

According to plans Iron Swim School will launch its first courses in the second half of September, while registration will open in the first weeks of September, so future participants can book level test afterwards.

Believe us, nobody will miss our courses, but please follow the news section of our home page and our Facebook page to get all important information.

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