‘It was good to see the flame in all swimmers’ eyes’ – Csaba Vizi about the meet in Százhalombatta

10 gold, 10 silver, 11 bronze – medals claimed by swimmers of Iron Swim at Matrica Cup held last weekend in Százhalombatta. The team finished fifth in overall classification among 38 clubs, but it was only the beginning, since – although some swimmers participated at the World Cup in Budapest – this was the real season start for Iron Swim.

‘I did not expect so many swimmers and such strong field in Százhalombatta. This was the first meet in the fall season where a lot of Iron Swim swimmers entered and I, as a coach, had to pay attention to many things. I apologize for my acquaintances that I had to settle down within some sentences’ said Csaba Vizi, sports director of Iron Swim who is not only a citizen of Százhalombatta, but the founder of the swimming sport in the town. ‘On Day 1, the youngest competed, it was rather easy, I was there as an observant. I was monitoring them to see how they could swim, what their strengths were and what they needed to improve. Day 2 was much busier. About 50 Iron Swim swimmers entered, among them my group, too. I tried to talk to everyone personally before and after each event, but there were some heats with four of our swimmers, so it was very difficult to split my attention.’

Coaches of the club, made a decision that at the meet in Százhalombatta, they would focus on series load, so all swimmers had to enter at least six events. It was more of a training for the team.

‘By the end of the day the guys became very tired, but everyone could put their spare energy for the relays and we could claim some medals there, too’ said Csaba Vizi. ‘Overall, I am satisfied with the kids’ performance. From my group all swimmers performed their personal bests, even some of the World Cup participants could improve. It seems clearly that the work done in the past period has paid off.’

Csaba Vizi has more than 3-decade experience in swimming sport, although, he also has some lessons to learn at a meet.

‘It was good to see the flame in all swimmers’ eyes, no one snubbed racing. Although it was only a preparation and not the main competition, everyone pushed themselves in all events. Looking at the numbers there were more hundreds of starts, so I was a bit worried in the morning that anyone could miss a start. But all the swimmers were focusing to the race so much that it did not happen. The team is great, they take care of and help each other, I can count on the kids at a maximum. And on the coaches as well! I have to admit that the coaching staff worked perfectly together during the meet.’

To be continued on 17-18 November at BVSC Cup! So far go Iron Swim!

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