Swimming lessons in Iron Swim School started today!

In Katinka Hosszú’s club called Iron Swim, almost 100 competitive swimmers started to work at the end of August. The best of them entered the World Cup in Budapest, and last weekend the whole team completed its first meet with great success proved by more than 30 medals and many personal best times. However, in the three-time Olympic champion’s swim school swimming lessons started today.

More than 400 kids and their parents had confidence in Katinka and her program by participating at the level tests organized in the previous weeks and most of them already booked their lessons, too, for this month. In the swim school kids are classified into 5 classes, so that each of them would get the best possible education. ‘There are only a few kids in the lessons and it means our instructors can pay more attention to them and even can work separately due to the needs’ Bernadett Henk, manager of Iron Swim School said about the program.

Instructors of Iron Swim School have university degrees, and most of them came from swimming, were a competitive swimmer. But, the most important is that all of them have multiple years of experience in both swimming and teaching.

Iron Swim School is not only for kids, it welcomes adults, too, who are interested in swimming as recreation or hobby. Also, who would like to acquire the basic elements of the sport conducted by a coach or just to refresh their old knowledge.

Swimming lessons of Iron Swim School take place in Duna Arena based on the long-term contract with BP2017 Nkft.

‘I am very happy that the lessons in my swim school started’ said Katinka Hosszú. ‘Swimming is an awesome sport that has been part of my life for 25 years and to be honest, I would never leave it behind. It is very good because one can do it as a young and older person, as recreation or hobby. But certainly, we are looking forward to see ambitious kids who want to be an Olympic champion in the future, and like to take the first step on this path. I would be very proud to say that any of them started their career in our swim school.’  

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