SUHANJ! Foundation and Iron Swim together for disabled children’s sporting activity

SUHANJ! Foundation and Iron Swim signed a cooperation agreement, so in the future the foundation continues its work with the professional partnership of Katinka Hosszú’s club to provide disabled children with sporting activity.

SUHANJ! Foundation launched its swimming program in 2012 under the leadership of two-time Paralympic Champion, Dóra Pásztory. Bence Vados, professional coach provides specialized and private trainings for 20 children with limb deficiencies or mental disabilities. The program and Bence may bring not only the love of sport into these children’s everyday life but help them to accept themselves and not to feel different from their peers.

‘SUHANJ! is very proud that we could continue our six-year-old program with the professional background of Iron Swim. We both agree on that sport is for everybody’ emphasized Patrícia Kovács, co-founder of SUHANJ! Foundation.

Katinka Hosszú launched her new club, Iron Swim in August 2018, in which more than 100 kids are going forward to the competitive swimming career and in Iron Swim School even more children and adults are learning the base of swimming to continue either in competitive or in recreational sport as of their personal goals.

‘Water and love of swimming was very important for me even in my childhood. Sport gave me so much happiness that I set the goal: I would like to give this fantastic experience to as many people as I can’ said Katinka Hosszú, owner of Iron Swim. ‘I am very happy for the cooperation between SUHANJ! and Iron Swim, because our club, with its professional background, may promote the goals of the foundation which are common goals now.’

Photo: Péter Kerékgyártó

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