Aloha Spirit, alias Árpád Petrov about Hawaii and the upcoming challenges

Although Katinka and Árpád had started to work together half a year ago, the Hawaiian tour was their first training camp together. Two swimmers, Dániel Dudás and Dávid Földházi, from the Iron Swim elite group also participated at the two-week long preparation. We asked Árpád Petrov, the head coach about the work they did and certainly about the Hawaiian experiences.

  • Why were these two weeks different comparing to the previous half a year period?

‘We speak about professional sportsmen, they do not have anything to focus on except for swimming, so the training camp was not so different, if we see the content or rhythm. A tropical training camp serves for filling up our energy tanks, set ourselves free from everyday routine. In Hawaii, Katinka can walk on the street as an average girl, in Budapest she could not do it. From this point of view the whole journey was great. As of the work it was as good as it can be expected in this period of the year, though we definitely will not be very fresh in the upcoming weeks, but it is not our aim at all.’

  • Why is a tropical training camp important?

‘In winter there is not much vitamin, not much sun, youngsters can get any virus easier. Even in Hawaii not all of us survived without any complain, but as we did not have any break, we could maintain the standard. It is important for us, since the Nationals will be quite early. It is good that we did not stop working, fresh air and sunshine are needed, if we could, we will keep it for the future, too.’

  • How would you define Hawaii?

It is less stressed than Europe. It has feminine energies. Aloha spirit goes through the whole island, although the aborigines represent only a small percent of the population. People are extremely friendly, there is no rush at all, but they do not seem trying to postpone things. You do not even realize it, but you take on the rhythm of their life immediately and become much more patient. In Hawaii the rhythm adjusts to the ocean. As I realized Katinka and the boys enjoyed this slower rhythm, we spent much time in the water. Ocean is a strange and mystic something, if you see it, you cannot think in small steps due to its size, and if you experience its strength, you will understand what and who you are or what not.’

  • Tell us about the exciting adventures.

‘We swam with dolphins that was a kind of wonder. They are much more relaxed than I thought. By the way, under the water their voice cannot be heard. It was an awesome experience when 20 dolphins were swimming 30-40 cm from me. I think we explored the nature of the island at a maximum, we went to the ocean more times a week. The team was open for the local cuisine, too. They breed pigs in the island and offer much pork, their cuisine is very tasty.’

  • Competition season starts this weekend, if we see it, where are you now?

‘However, the competitions will come by after each other, until February everything is about training and loads. I want them to stretch their limits and suffer for a bigger goal. They will swim sprint events to see their speed and longer ones to see the endurance and fitness indicators. In March, there will be much more interesting competitions, we will see better where we are with preparation. At the moment, I do not expect anything, I know that due to jetlag and training camp my swimmers are more tired and less sharp, I just want to see how to go on with working.’

  • At the end in one sentence, what was the most significant thought you have taken home with you from Hawaii?

„ Aloha-spirit! It accompanied you even without saying. Take the rhythm and come back. I would lovely do that!’

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