Kornél Nyilas: ‘I found the extra something I was looking for’

They are going to the Nationals in March – 9th part

He swam for ten years. He switched from football because it was too hot for him in the summer. And certainly, they immediately realized his talent. Last summer it seemed that he left swimming and tried to find something else for his life. Now he is here again, though he has not chosen the usual path.

What bring you back?

‘I missed competitions a lot. I could live without training, but I missed competing, getting out the maximum from me very much.’

You are swimming again, but how has K1 come?

‘I had already been looking at it for a long time, I was always interested in fighting. Yes, I know that in swimming it is also important to fight, but real fight means being face to face with somebody. There it is decided who the best is.’

How can you coordinate the two together, can you manage it at all?

‘Absolutely, I can do both together. I have been doing K1 since January and I feel its values both mentally and physically. I did not have sore muscles, since we use more or less the same muscles than in swimming. And in mentally I can get out something from myself that did not come out in a more monotonous sport. I have been looking for the way how I can get this extra out of myself. And now I feel that I have found it. And I would like to utilize it in swimming, too. I was always there among the bests, I mostly finished second behind Kristóf Milák at the age group nationals, de somehow I could never get to the top.’

Perhaps now?

‘It turns out at the Nationals. I do not want to speak too soon, we will see.’

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