Gréta Kiss: ‘I like to show what I am capable of’

They are going to the Nationals in March – 10th part

The twins always seem a bit lost without their other half. Anna has been at a training camp for two weeks. Does it disturb you that she is not swimming next to you?

‘Not at all. The days even pass faster without her. Perhaps because I can really focus on myself now.’

You are both very committed, although you are still not 14. How does it come?

‘Probably because we got into a swim club very early with Anna and swimming did not go well, so some guys teased us. Then we decided that one time we would do it or at least would be in the situation to do it. We started to work hard, and the results started to come by.’

Are you annoyed that your sister is always faster than you?

‘It is very difficult to ignore it. That was the reason why I missed the whole January, I needed to pull myself together mentally. She went by a bit, and I try to catch her up. Recently at the practices I was aiming for overtaking her. I could catch her up a bit, and sometimes I could even leave her behind. Now she already motivates me.’

What do you like in swimming?

‘When I am stressed, I like that I can work it off through swimming and I can focus on only myself. I do not like team sports. I like to show what I am capable of and not what the team can do.’

What are your goals in swimming?

‘Now I am aiming to improve my times as much as I can and to finish among the bests. It concerns for the Nationals next week, too. Later we would like to go on to Ferenc Csík School, so that we could focus on sport and swimming.’

Where do you want to get to?

‘As far as I can. Every athlete is dreaming of the Olympics, so am I. The goal is to get into an Olympic final. When I am a bit tired or I have a bad day, I am motivated by this goal and I would even want to leave my rivals behind.’

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