’The most important thing about goals is having one!’

To start a year without any goals? It is impossible in Iron Swim, where besides hard work determined goals and their motivational impact are important elements in the philosophy of the club. So, we asked some swimmers and coaches to tell us about the goals they have set for 2019.

Coach Dora: My primary goal is to hold the team together and develop a great group. As of performance I do not dare say it, because it may frighten them, but I am sure that they are ready for it.

Zsombor Bujdosó: My biggest goal for this year is to qualify for EYOF.

Glória Okos: A medal at the Nationals!

Richard Juhász-Dóra: A medal at Children’s Nationals!

Mira Stankovics: I would like to improve my times in any case and I would like to claim my second gold medal in breaststroke.

Benedek Bóna: My goal is for 2019 to get to the final at Children’s Nationals and possibly win it.

Coach Lazar: ’My goal in swimming is to qualify for the Worlds in Gwangju. As for the kids to have as many of them in the finals of the Nationals. Last year I had the goal to bring them to the Nationals, and I made it, this year at least one final.’

Zénó Zelenai (on the right): Last year I reached the Nationals, and in 2019 I would like to claim a medal there.

Áron Balogh: My primary goal is to qualify for the Nationals, and as we are great rappers with Zénó we would like to perform a USNK track and our own music, when he leaves his school to see if the guys like it or not.

Goals have already been set, so there is nothing left just pure hard work, since we know from Katinka that Hard Work Always Pays Off!

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