Márta Kropkó: ’Triathlonist among swimmers, swimmer among triathlonists!”

They are going to the Nationals in March – 3rd part

  • With a well-known sportsman as a father, was it obvious to be an athlete?

‘My parents took us with my bro to swim only for not getting drowned in the sea, they did not force us to become athletes. Though we got to like the sport. At the beginning we just swam, then we started to run once a week and finally came cycling.’

  • Swimmer or triathlonist?

’Triathlonist among swimmers, swimmer among triathlonists! That’s how I can define myself now. In Iron Swim I have found great coaches and teammates, who help me to synchronize the practices of the three sports, so that I could improve not only in running and cycling, but swimming as well.’

  • What are you the proudest of?

‘Though I achieved my biggest result, several national titles and fifth place in Europeans, in triathlon, but I am proud that I could reach the senior level in this high-quality Hungarian swimming thanks to the common work in my club. It is also once in a lifetime experience that I could swim together with Katinka in the relay team at some Nationals.’

  • You will arrive to the Nationals from Croatia, a Heracles triathlon training camp, what are your goals?

‘My biggest goal is to improve my time in 800 free, long events are my favorite ones, although recently I got to like 200 IM, too. And I would be happy for getting chance to swim in any of the relay teams.’

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