Anna Kiss: ‘This is my kingdom’

They are going to the Nationals in March – 2nd part

Her sporting career started in acrobatic sport gymnastics, such as for her twin sister, Greta, but it turned out early that they had talent in another sport. ‘We were not as skillful as the others and our bodies were not appropriate for gymnastics. Since we loved water, we went to learn to swim at the age of 7 and there we were told to try the club.’

Anna is a member of Heracles program of the Hungarian Federation and at the moment she is in a training camp in Italy through this program. She has claimed some age group national titles and she is aiming for being an Olympic swimmer in the future. But how did it start? ‘Once I listened to music, the Demons by Imagine Dragons and I checked the Hungarian translation of the lyrics that made me realized what my real goal was. It was the line ‘This is my kingdom’. When I am in the water, I feel that nobody can disturb me, that is my kingdom.’

At the Nationals in March she will compete in freestyle and she would like to improve her PB in her favorite event, 200 free. ‘Nationals serve to see where we can get to. For me the times mean the goals at a senior competition, since I am very young. If I cannot achieve them, surely, I am disappointed, but I always find motivation why to keep on and what to work for.’

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