Csenge Szalai: ‘I like writing my thoughts out of me’

They are going to the Nationals in March – 11th part

She swims and writes, but she also danced before, she has a special own world, but she likes the everyday fights and competitions, too. She already swam at competitions at the age of 6. ‘I like pushing myself to see where I am’. She also likes swimming because ‘I do not have to cooperate with anybody, I am alone in the water, no one disturbs me’. She likes 50m events very much, but the 200 back is her best, because ‘I am the best in it, and it is the best feeling to swim’. Last October at the World Cup in Budapest, although in another club, she swam in the same heat with Katinka in 200 back and it was very motivating for her. ‘In the previous year something wavered in me about sport and it was time for a change. I joined Iron, where love of sport renewed, the flame relighted. I think I could get the best out of the situation. I am here before the Nationals, full of enthusiasm and I would like to get the maximum out of myself. I would like to improve my times and also enjoy the competition, cheer my teammates and be together with the team.’

Besides swimming she has another own world, a special world full of fantasy and adventures. ‘I like writing! I write mostly short stories. Once I started to write a novel, but I have not finished it yet, though the main story is in my head. I was inspired by Narnia. The story is about a huge flower that has snapped me, and I have some adventures with my foster sisters. I like chatting with my friends personally too, but when I am alone, I often start writing. Mostly about everyday stories, consequences, lessons to learn and so on. But these are only for me, I like writing my thoughts out of me. I have a story of more parts. It is about a person who gets a lion… and how he raises it, what adventures they have together. These stories belong to fantasy and adventure literature. I am interested in many more things. I am very open and curious about the whole world!’

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