First para swimming successes of Iron Swim Budapest

Zoé Elizabet Sallai, para swimmer of Iron Swim Budapest came home from her first ever competition with 10 medals. The talented young girl will only be 12 in June. She was very excited at the Hungarian Para Championships in Hódmezővásárhely, but now after her success she is already looking ahead, since new competitions and new challenges are waiting for her.

‘When I first saw the starting block, I was shocked’ Zoé said, ‘because it was very different from the one in Duna Arena, but finally it was much better to dive from. Many people say that some fever is necessary before the races. If anyone is not excited, they will only complete the distance without getting the maximum out of the race. Though I was afraid of 400 freestyle very much. It seemed too long, and I always swam it very slowly even at practices. Then I could see the times the others were entered with and I felt, I could not do it. But finally, I claimed first place, and even beat my PB. I am very proud of myself.’

  • How did you like the atmosphere of the race? As it seemed on the photos despite the excitement you really enjoyed yourself.

‘I seemed happy on the photos because at that time I was already over the competition’ Zoé smiled. Anyway, the atmosphere was great, I was pleased that my coaches (Bence Vados and Bálint Sirkó) were there with me. I started to train in Iron half a year ago, so I got to this level within a very short period of time.’

  • Now that you have already come out of the first competition, what are your further goals?

‘I am aiming to be successful in the upcoming competitions. I would like to enter more and bigger competitions. Certainly, the long-term goal is the Olympics, but it is so far away yet, now I try to focus on my next tasks. This weekend, for example, there will be another competition, where I will swim with swimmers without any deficiencies. I have set my goal in times. The whole Iron team will be there, new coaches and teammates for me, I think it is normal that I feel a bit excited again.’  

18-19 May, BVSC Cup – come on Zoé, let’s go Iron!

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