First week of Iron Swim School Budapest Summer Camp is over – what a week it was!

Water in the swimming pool and in the bath; fun in the pool and on the playground, outdoor and indoor; Katinka’s visit. The kids surely were not bored. Nor the adults. Our swimming teachers also enjoyed the first summer camp of Iron Swim School Budapest.

Nóra: ‘It was good to be able to work with a permanent group, because the kids could improve faster. It was also a great satisfaction for me that with my group we could already swim in deep water on the last day.’

Xénia: ‘There are so many nice things to speak about after the first week. I would highlight the teachers’ group, too. As of the kids, I really felt my group as mine, we could work together in harmony. And I can confirm that by the end of the week everyone has reached their goals.’

Attila: ‘I really enjoyed that finally we could spend more time with the kids, and we could get to know each other well. Everyone improved a lot during the week, and I think that they will think of the first week of the camp as an awesome experience.’

Bence: ‘The company shook together very early, both small and big kids. It was again proved that love of water could be a huge converging power. It was good to see the joy and smile on their faces coming from the experiences they gained during the week.’

Mónika: ‘I really liked that all kids found their company and they had fun together. It was a great group and they looked nice wearing their cool headscarf. Overall, they were very disciplined, especially during the swimming lessons. By the end of the camp everyone got tired due to much sport and experiences, so I am sure that the weekend would be about relaxing and having a rest.’

To be continued from Monday through to six weeks.

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