Lili Biró: ’I could not live without swimming’

They are going to the Nationals in March – 6th part

As a kid she danced, skated and rode a horse. Although she learnt to swim at the age of three, but only for getting the skill. Her swimming career started by medical order at 10 when she was diagnosed by a certain spine problem. She swam three times a week, the coach realized her talent and recommended her to start competitive swimming. ‘I became a competitive swimmer in September of 2012, and I made up my handicap very fast, since I could compete as a member of the national team in 2015.’

However, at the beginning she did not take swimming very seriously, she could qualify for the European Youth Olympic Festival with 5-6 practices a week. Then she joined BVSC where she had 10 trainings per week and as her best achievement up to now she could compete at the Youth European Championships.

‘Swimming is a sport that one can put their life on, sacrifice everything and there is not much free time besides. Last autumn I decided to quit for certain reasons, but after 3-4 weeks I started to miss it, I could not live without swimming and I came here to this club. Many people had recommended it to me, the location was perfect for me, so I thought I could squeeze it into my life besides graduation. Then it happened that I regained my motivation and now I feel that I want to do anything to be successful. Primarily I am aiming to catch up my old results. At the Nationals I would like to equal my PB in 100 fly and I hope that it could be enough for a final.’

Besides sport she does not neglect studying either, she will have her graduation this year, but she does not want to stop here. ‘Studying was always important for me, my parents agreed on me, too. They did not push me, only considered it as important. Moreover, I do not attend a sport school, but a normal and strong high school. After my graduation I would like to go on to Semmelweis University to study dietetics. I would be happy to be able to remain in sport and I hope that I can coordinate studying and swimming.’

And what is her goal in swimming that she definitely does not want to give up? ‘To get happiness and pleasure for myself.’

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