Glória Okos: ’I would like to be the next Ágnes Kovács!”

They are going to the Nationals in March – 7th part

Her swimming career started at the usual way and made a classic path. ‘I started at the age of 5 in Békéscsaba, I swam there for ten years. My parents took me to the swimming pool to learn to swim. Then we were told that it would have been worth to go on. Came the competitions, first the small ones in the country, then the bigger national ones. I got to like it very much, because swimming gave a kind of rhythm into my life, I always knew when and what to do. We started with my brother, we continued and stayed together in the sport. We loved water, we always went to the sea for holidays, it was almost impossible to get us out of the water.’

Although she is a breaststroker, she found the motivation in Iron Swim she needed for a long time. ‘In my previous club the results did not come as I wanted. I was aiming for something new to improve. I could see Katinka and I knew about her how hard she worked and how much she could improve at a later stage, too. I thought why not to try it. It is awesome to practice besides Katinka, to see her every day, how she trains and prepares. It is a huge motivation to train here.’

And since being a breaststroker, she might mean some motivation for Katinka. ‘We do breaststroke practice on Tuesday afternoons and we have great fights. On that particular training, I think, I can mean something for her, too, or at least I hope it.’

She studies at the University of Sports, but swimming still plays a very important part in her life, plans and she prepares for the Nationals with determination. ‘I would like to get a medal and achieve a PB. It would be great to swim a PB after 2-3 years. I would like to prove myself in my main event, 200 breast. And my further goal is to qualify for the Universiade. As of the long-term goals, Olympics will be next year, it is always there in my mind, I would like to be there. And I would like to be the next Ágnes Kovács!’

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