‘Sensational, fantastic, awesome!’ – youngsters of Iron Swim in World Cup

Three young swimmers of Iron Swim had the opportunity to race and show at the World Cup in Budapest what they are capable of at a big competition among world-known stars, in front of the sensational Hungarian fans. Now, we are also aware of it. 15-year old Katica Híves, 14-year old Zsombor Bujdosó and 18-year old Sándor Gerebics entered 14 events altogether, and improved their personal records in all of them. Certainly, an opportunity like this has additional package that may accompany them for the rest of their life.

‘I think at the age of 14 I cannot complain. This was my first big meet and I swam well’ started Zsombi. ‘Before the first day and first event, I felt a bit of excitement, but later it disappeared. I did not look at the stands, but I heard the sounds. My father’s one, in any case. It was good, because I knew, when he screamed, I had to push. It was an awesome feeling to swim with these stars. I took a picture with Michael Andrew, he is an idol for me, a young swimmer who swims very well and is always there in all events that matter.’

‘For me the atmosphere was the most determining experience. Sensational, fantastic, awesome, I can describe it with these three words’ said Sanyi. ‘Just imagine thatyou are entering the huge pool area, exactly where last year the world championships were held, and now you are in the middle of the world, the same swimmer as the other stars, you also have a starting block, a lane and you can swim before the spectators, friends and family. It is really awesome, but motivating and inspiring as well!’

‘While I was swimming, I could not hear the noise’ added Katica, ‘and not before it, I tried to exclude everything. But when I got to the finish, that buzz was so great. I think the atmosphere and the fact that we could compete among big swimmers, motivated us to achieve such great times.’

‘There is no need to explain the performance of these three days’ started the evaluation Csaba Vizi, sports director of Iron Swim, the youngsters’ coach. ‘Everyone swam very well. I can say that one-month work was not yet rewarding, but it seemed. It meant a lot to me that the kids paid attention what I said to them before the events and they executed what I asked from them. Now, they are ready to fulfill what we have figured up. They improved a lot technically, it could be seen from the 2-3 seconds improvement they produced per 200 meters. I am very satisfied with them.’

And what will the young swimmers take with them from the World Cup?

‘When I was facing to the spectators, to the lights and I stood up on the block, I think this picture will remain with me forever’ said Sanyi.

‘The biggest lesson from the World Cup that I have to learn English’ smiled Katica. ‘I have started it for a month, but this experience could be strong motivation for me to acquire the language.”

‘I could watch many swimmers’ technique, how they warm up, what they do before the events, these are important lessons’ continued Zsombi. ‘And I will also take with me from this World Cup that there is no fans like the Hungarians.’


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